April 15, 2011

Time to think about holidays

Dear students, What are your plans for the week of our spring break around Easter? Travelling with your family, spending more playing sports and having fun, visiting family or friends, or something completely different? Here is how you are going to report about your holidays to the class:

  • Take a photo or choose one you already have, representing the activity or the place you are visiting.

  • Go to BigHugeLabs, click on Trading Card.

  • Upload your photo, write a title, a subtitle, a sentence or two describing your activity or the place you are visiting.

  • Create a card with your report.

  • Save the card as a photo on your computer and share it on Flickr, facebook, ...

  • Don't forget to share it on our wiki Talking Cultures Wiki!

This is my example of a card. I hope you like it.

My creation