February 27, 2011

Let me tell you about a dream

I've just come across a beautiful online writing tool. It's called Max My Dream and it shows you your dream animated.

You only have to write your dream in 140 characters and wait for a few seconds. Then you can see it. You can also send it to a friend's email address or share it on facebook or Twitter. There is also music that accompanies the animation. I didn't find it very pleasant, so I turned it off (top right corner).

This is my dream. It includes you, my students. Can you guess it. If you can, write it in comments.

I also invite you to think of a dream, describe it in 140 characters and share it here. Don't tell us what words you wrote - we'll guess!

February 6, 2011

Creating avatar icons for your posts

To avoid using your individual photos, we'll create an avatar icon for each of you. There are many ways of doing it as a fun activity and for free. I'll tell you about one.

How about visiting http://avatars.yahoo.com/ and choosing a shape you like or you think reflects your interests, or maybe even looks like you in a way.
When you create your avatar picture, you can right click it and save it.
For example:

To get a small picture of your avatar face, to use as an icon, for example when you are writing comments, you can resize it using http://www.sherv.net/icon-maker/ It is easy, you just upload the picture, choose the part you like and save it again.
This is what I chose:

Hope this will help you create your avatar photos in no time.
Don't forget to share if you know of some other fun ways of creating avatar icons for our blog and wiki.
Have fun!

February 1, 2011

My favorite sport-DANCE

A lot of people don´t find dancing a sport, but that can only be said by somone who´s never tried it. You have to put a lot of effort in to becoming a dancer. You have to be fit, creative and full of energy all the time. It takes hours of hard work and practice for only 3 minutes show.
The contestants are divided in to categories by their age. There are kids, juniors and seniors. There are also four disciplines: solos, douets, small groups and formations. The championships are judged by the judges who grad the preformances on scale 1-10.
To be a dancer doesn´t mean to attend school of arts, or be part of a dance group,it means that while you dance you´re in your own world and nothing can toutch you!