April 27, 2010

Earth Day Every Day

Last week students at Elementary School Nikola Hribar talked a lot about Earth Day, about what we are doing to make the Earth a greener and cleaner place. Here are some of the ideas and comments.


  1. Lana and Hana, can you please add the transcript. I can't hear anything.

  2. Hana: What will you do in the future to make
    our planet green?
    Lana: I will recycle, and i will try to make
    everyone realise how important it is to
    keep are planet clean!!!
    Hana: That´s it...
    Prof. Sanja: Thank you...

  3. I think that you two have done a great jobe.
    I agree with Lana that we should recycle and we should plant more flowers. <3