February 6, 2011

Creating avatar icons for your posts

To avoid using your individual photos, we'll create an avatar icon for each of you. There are many ways of doing it as a fun activity and for free. I'll tell you about one.

How about visiting http://avatars.yahoo.com/ and choosing a shape you like or you think reflects your interests, or maybe even looks like you in a way.
When you create your avatar picture, you can right click it and save it.
For example:

To get a small picture of your avatar face, to use as an icon, for example when you are writing comments, you can resize it using http://www.sherv.net/icon-maker/ It is easy, you just upload the picture, choose the part you like and save it again.
This is what I chose:

Hope this will help you create your avatar photos in no time.
Don't forget to share if you know of some other fun ways of creating avatar icons for our blog and wiki.
Have fun!

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